Australian Active Alliance

Making all votes count | Giving Power back to the people

The Australian-Active-Alliance  a Party for the Younger Generation.


Our   Policies  will change the   system to elect members of government, the present system  is open to corruption  ,  watching Politicians insulting each other, day in day out-you would have to wonder how they get things done, they don’t? There are thousands of civil servants engaged in doing what the politicians take credit for. 
In the course of history there comes a time when the electorate is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground, a time when we have to shed the fear of the unknown, and give hope in/ to each other. that time is now ,changes will come . 
The Australian Active Alliance is the only organisation prepared to take on the corrupt system.

The Australian Active Alliance is the only group dedicated to changing the electoral system , today a door is open, tomorrow it could be slammed shut,  to be part of history sign up now,  we can register the party with the electoral commission once we have 520 members , time is important,  SIGN UP NOW.  young Australians are screaming out for action.   The Politics of Deceptions   has to end ,  the majority of  people have no choice, their votes are stolen. ” our future is in the hands of the younger generation”  apply now for membership , download the application form now,  send completed form to, Australian Active Alliance  2/52 Alexander Crescent, Morayfield, QLD 4506

The Australian Active Alliance are determined  to change  the system ,  so all votes   are equal ,  ensuring all seats in Parliament are equal in  “vote value” , the system was created by Landlords and Bishops to look after the people from the top end of town. electorates are set up  to steal peoples votes .   find the details on this site. I urge you to read as much as you can on our website to inform yourself and realise how simple it really is. I urge you to set aside any pre-conceived ideas of how it may resemble other systems and jump to conclusions before you have absorbed the simple basic fundamentals. of this way of life free from Landlords and Moneylenders.

We have a fight on our hands, the two major parties will do whatever to stop any change happening, they are the “commanders of our freedoms” they have the power, to enact draconian laws, Australia like the rest of the World, is sitting on the verge of complete and devastating financial meltdown with catastrophic results for its people.  If we do not begin to explore a brand new way ahead for our country and humanity we will surely destroy ourselves, Australia is one of  the wealthiest countries in the World and every person  should live a life of bliss with everything they wish for. And yet we have more poverty , more homelessness,  than anytime in our history.