How do we change the system, we use the system.

First let us look at a system where all votes are equal, a system where rigging, corruption and wealth does not decide who wins, I will use the 2016 Federal election results to try to explain, we have the final total votes counted, we have 150 seats in Parliament, ” No Senate”?
Using the final figures of the 2016 Federal Election. To allocate seats, using the first preference votes gained by each political party (the new system will only allow a single vote to the party of your first choice).
Total votes 13.541.101 divide by 150 = 90.275 votes per seat

  • Liberal National Party 63 SEATS
  • Australian Labour Party 52 SEATS
  • Australian Greens Party 16 SEATS
  • Katter’s Australian Party 1 SEATS
  • Family First Party2 SEATS
  • Rise Up Australia Party 1 SEAT
  • Christian Democratic Party  2 SEATS
  • Nick Xenophon Team  3 SEAT
  • Country Liberals Party  1 SEAT
  • Animal Justice Party 1 SEAT
  • Independents 4 SEATS
  • Australian Christians Party 1 SEAT
  • Liberal Democrats Party  1 SEAT
  • One Nation Party  2 SEATS


These figures were calculated to the nearest decimal point to find a seat value, then using that value to determine how many seats each political group should be allocated, based on the total votes a party receives, after the first division of seats we end up with votes left over and political parties who failed to reach the seat value total, plus seats available, so depending on how many seats there are to fill we start to allocate seats to Parties with the highest amount of votes under the seat value total, until 150 seats are allocated, this way all Australians will be represented in Parliament, this is true democracy, in the UK two out of three voters voted against the Conservative Party, so why are they in power? they are their because the system is a scam, that makes one believe they have a say in who is elected, two plus two should equal four, time to make changes,