Make Your Vote Count

Change to a better way – where values of votes are equal.

  • Call an election.
  • All genuine Registered Political Parties pick people with experience to represent them, they also list the names of those who will fill positions in Parliament. These are the people we will vote for, we won’t be voting for a local party stooge, we will be voting for a party. Knowing the best of the best will represent the party of your choice. Ensures the people are not ignored.
  • Election is held the result will give us a total number of votes, that total is then divided by the number of seats in Parliament; this will give us a number that represents one seat, we then take the number of votes each party receives, divide by the seat value number, this allocates a number of seats to that Party, this ensures all votes count, when all the seats have been allocated to all the contestants, there will be votes that are left over after the division, to the value of several seats, these seats go to those contestants with the highest leftover votes. Till all seats are filled,we can still have local candidates representing their Party the votes they receive will be pooled to the party total. when all Parties know how many seats they have received from the people, they will pick from the team that was put to the people before the election to select who sits in Parliament. We will have a Government filled with highly experienced people, instead of a government of useless backbenchers many with no experience of life, jeering and laughing at their opponents, their only activity to vote when prompted by their leader.

This Change will end the role of the left/right wing control of how you vote.

We would have a real government of the people, today a large number of voters don’t vote for a small party because they are afraid they will lose their vote, others choose not to vote.
The present system encourages manipulation of the vote count, how to vote cards are created to mislead not to give advice.
There is no doubt the system is legally corrupt and was created to keep people from the top end of town in control. We have to use the present system to make change, there is only one way join the Australian Active Alliance, a new Party that will change the system, I believe that people are looking for change, they are tired of all the left/right corruption, lies. Tired of hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money, spent on negative ad campaigns. Stirring up hatred between rich and poor. We have been living under legalised Dictatorships for too long, we can make that change happen.

Compare The Way Votes Are Calculated  RESULTING FACTORS