‘An examination of the register of interests of MPs and senators show 31 MPs and 23 senators have residences in Canberra – largely in the leafy, well-heeled suburbs that surround Parliament House.The need to give the impression of doing something without really doing anything about housing affordability explains the nonsense debate in Government about allowing first home owners to use their compulsory superannuation savings to fund a home deposit. Look, we are doing something!

It will not happen because it is a really, really stupid idea, and the rent collected by politicians  each week, ensures there will be no change,Labor are treading carefully on housing because they fear bolder initiatives might cause prices to fall. The housing market is already a bubble, Any changes risk destroying the value of millions of homes. The political fallout of the bubble bursting would be disastrous for whoever is in government. The fact is, however, that the bubble is likely to burst sooner or later, given the rapidly escalating costs are pricing many working people out of the accustomed housing and rental markets and forcing them into alternatives that are often stressful and unwanted,

A first step in addressing the housing affordability crisis, then, would be a new mass public housing programme. This could be paid for by increasing taxes for wealthier Australians. this wont happen because  the political rent collectors  are in control.

A second step would be rent control. again the rent collectors  are in control.

The third step would be to increase real wages to make the housing market in Sydney and Melbourne affordable again. That is an issue for the labour movement — especially in a time of falling real wages. It would require a real class struggle to smash the three decades of wealth and income shifting from labour to capital.

Finally, we could lift the minimum wage and  the payments we make to the homeless, pensioners, students, the unemployed, the sick, the disabled and others we support through government payments out of the poverty levels in which they currently exist to at least the minimum wage.