Australian-active-alliance-party, strives to create a electoral system where all Australians have a say in Government. social equality and freedom of choice. The Party seeks to have these values reflected in the laws and institutions of Australia.
Founded on principals based on truth,  we are part of a global alliance against increasingly draconian laws, and the erosion of our freedoms..
We believe all votes should be of equal value . We believe in finding new ways to promote trust between all of humanity, we believe politicians should be punished for untruths, we also believe a elected member should not be entitled to a pension for life, and they should only be paid for the time they spend in Parliament, we believe religion should have no part in government, religion should be between oneself and your God, we believe the Planet needs to be looked after, climate change is a major threat, we believe global warming deniers should be punished, top of our agenda, includes changing the electoral system , to give all Australians a voice in Government, we will promote the idea of a “One World Currency” if achieved it would stop the trading of one Nations Currency against another Nation, the “Money Market” would no longer be used to bankrupt Nations, We will seek out to have our agenda taken up by other Political Parties/Peoples Organisations around the World.
We will make changes to end the power of Landlords and Moneylenders, we will ensure all citizens are covered by a “Bill of Rights”

We will work towards a new justice system, that will  be in the hands of  the people.