Rotten to the Core,

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The two ‘preferred’ parties have not learned anything for decades, as the rot we see today didn’t start last week. They are both pushing us towards the American system which is based on who has the most money in elections, and you only vote for the leader in every electorate, and the decisions are made primarily on the lobbying (who has the biggest paper bag) in the outer rooms of congress.

Australian farming land, mining, manufacturing is fast becoming purely foreign owned and in many cases foreign Government owned and the two ‘preferred’ parties have done absolutely nothing to stop this process but instead actively seek these foreigners to buy up our country.

Both of the ‘preferred’ parties have sold our assets faster than garage sale. Before the asset sell off Local Government held 90% of all public assets … it is probably closer to 95% now. Thank heavens at that level they depend on those assets to serve their communities. Maybe the idiots at the higher levels should take a step down to realty.

At the end of the day I believe that the Local and State Governments should all be abandoned and we have regional Governments with a National Government, bit like the Kiwis. We have too many levels that all want taxes. With the States gone then there would be more money in small business and citizens pockets which would help the economy in ways the two ‘preferred’ parties couldn’t dream up.


  • Frank McEnroe says:

    Australian Government Report Embarrasses Treasurer

    The Why Australia Benchmark Report 2015 released by the Australian Government confirms that in the years 1992–2014, in developed economies, Australia has the world’s fastest growing GDP,

    The report also confirmed that Australia, unlike most of the rest of the world, had no years of recession over that period

    In an embarrassing revelation for Treasurer Joe Hockey, the report confirmed that Australia’s debt level was one of the lowest in the world.

    The Australian Government report quoted the International Monetary Fund that Australian debt would be 16.6 per cent of GDP in 2015, well below the 74.1 per cent forecast average for advanced economies .
    German debt level was over 300 per cent more than Australia’s debt level.

    One of the surprising results was the demonstration that Australia’s productivity had gone from the 100 per cent base in 1991 to over 150 per cent in 2014, while at the same time real unit labour costs had declined by more than 10 per cent.

    “The Australian people deserve to have a government that tells them the truth. Australian’s are not going to live in silence, they are not going to live in fear,’’

    “Any problems Australia may have, have been made by Australians and can be solved by Australians, but politicians need to tell the truth.

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