Global Warming …”Have we gone past the point of no return,”

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I believe we have gone past the point of no return…We are all standing on top of a high cliff, the government is telling us to jump, when we say NO , they shout back ,”You will learn to Fly before you hit the Rocks below, humanity has lost its way, climate change is fact , to argue against ,is like saying the heat from the sun can be turned off. climate change deniers are insane or on the payroll of “BIG POLLUTERS”
Across Australia, climate science denialists are beside themselves with glee at the voting into office of one of their own.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party had snagged Queensland’s final 12th Senate spot. Her candidate, Malcolm Roberts, is now a senator.

Roberts’ election is yet another demonstration of the quirkiness of Australia’s electoral system.

Only 77 people actually voted for Roberts as a first preference but, thanks to the popularity of Hanson, he’s in for three years.

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