The Westminster System to elect Members of Parliament needs to change.

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The most corrupt electoral system in the world.

Scottish National Party, 1.454.436, votes. = 56 seats.

Greens Party, 1.154.562, votes. = 1 seat.

Democratic Unionist Party, 184.260, votes. = 8 seats.

UKIP Party 3.881.099, votes. = 1 seat.

Yes! The UK election was fixed in favour of the parasites from the top end of town; a Government should be elected by the people. Using a system that is not loaded in favour of the rich is it not time to take on the system. If you are a D.U.P voter you will be happy. Because your vote is worth one hundred and sixty eight votes compared to one vote for the UKIP

I don’t see any UKIP supporters complaining. If UKIP votes were the same value as a DUP vote, the UKIP would have 82 seats in Parliament. Those who vote remain silent.

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