Trade Surplus? Trade Deficit. based on MONEY MARKET values,

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Typically, a trade surplus indicates a sign of economic success and a trade deficit indicates an economic weakness. However, if that were true, then the top four, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Russia, would be considered the best performing countries in the world. However, this would mean that the United States, Great Britain, India and Japan would be among the weakest nations considering that they are four countries with the highest trade deficit. In fact, they are leading industrial nations. While China is known for producing and exporting products at a competitive price, it has undervalued its exchange rate to promote exports. However, China is now working to reduce its reliance on exports even though they continue to export large and increasing quantities of goods. In the case of Germany, the value of the euro may not be high enough, however growth concerning the value of exports has slowed over the past few years. In contrast, the value of the dollar in the United States may be too high, favouring imports as opposed to exports.
How do we make changes? I believe we must change the way deficits and surpluses are created, the figures used are fictitious. The money market changes every minute, and the US Dollar value is a major influence on every other Nations deficit/surplus. If we are to have fair trading, we must have a One World Currency, the Money Market would come to an end. Can you imagine the Billions of Dollars made every day by manipulating one currency against another? A Nation who had their Currency devalued 50% by the money marketeers , would have their National Debt rise 100% if that debt was in $US , Donald Trump is a great Spin Doctor, he goes on and on about Fairness in trading, the truth is he wants a economic war, he fails to tell the real truth, maybe he should devalue the US Dollar, by 50% he can’t do that as most of the Nations with a Huge Debt , borrowed US Dollars , the money market is the greatest scam ever created, it must to come to a end,

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