Understanding Election Results

How do we understand the Election results, votes are not of the same value, all elections using the Westminster System are rigged, when all votes are equal in value the result of the UK election is different. the Conservatives would not control government. I am waiting for the results of the 650 seats won at the UK General Election. so, I can show how corrupt the Westminster System to elect people to Parliament is. in the meantime, here are the facts on the few figures available. The Greens had 1.8 times as many votes as the DUP, yet the DUP had 10 times as many seats, The UKIP had more than twice as many votes as the DUP they have no seat. the DUP have total control over the Conservatives. they won ten seats because the UK people voted in one of the greatest scams ever. you don’t have to be Einstein to work out something is wrong with the system, the Conservatives received 792.348 votes more than Labour so how can they have 57 more seats than Labour, If the UKIP votes were the same value as a DUP vote– the UKIP would have 20 seats in Parliament. if the Green votes were the same value they would have 18 seats in Parliament. this shows the DUP benefit most from the corrupt system, WHY? answer, the elitist landlords, will always continue to get elected, reason Landlords and Bishops created the corrupt system’ I often wonder why no one has spoken out about this corrupt system, anywhere in the World where the Westminster system is used, we get the same legally corrupt results.

All seats should be of the same value, no wonder there is so much deception in politics. if we are to clean up politics, we have to change the System