So what happens when all the seats have been claimed?

The election was held to find the total votes of each political party nationwide and to allocate seats according to the result, all seats have an equal value of votes = 1/150 of total votes counted.

  • Each political group now meet to vote in their top candidates to represent them in government.
  • All members form Government, no Opposition.
  • All Political Party’s put forward members that will stand for position of Prime Minister, all members vote to elect a PM, and other positions.
  • Any member of a Political Party who is found to be lying, or cant remember , can be voted out by the Government, then replaced with a member from the same party ,all electorates will have a government office .

All members of Parliament will have to uphold the policies they put to the people, those policies will be set out in a booklet paid for by the tax payer. Sent to all Australians one month before an election is called, all registered political parties will have the same space in that booklet, a limit will be put on all other forms of advertising by a government elected under the new system, deceptive advertising will not be allowed ,voting will be compulsory , voters have one choice to vote for one political party  .